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Author Topic: DHP-P701AV - dropping connections at high bandwidth  (Read 2430 times)


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DHP-P701AV - dropping connections at high bandwidth
« on: June 08, 2020, 07:25:41 AM »


This may be of interest to some using these adapters for home office. If anyone wants to help out on the troubleshooting you are welcome.

TL;DR - PLC drops connection at high bandwidth (zoom conference)

Here's our setup:
- One ISP WAN connection going to the house's main router - stable connection at all time
- One router configured as access point in my wife's office, fed from the house's main router with PowerLink DHP-P701AV - stable connection at all time
- SmartTV connected to router with DHP-P701AV, stable connection at all time
- One router configured as access point in my office, fed from the house's main router with PowerLink DHP-P701AV - dropping connections - read on.

Some facts:
- All of the routers sending their events' journal (syslog) to our NAS.
- Except the router in my home office, they all report "business as usual" events. The later resets all its connection whenever I'm on zoom as it loses its uplink.

The symptom:
- During Zoom video conferences, the connection randomly drops. I originally thought it was a failure at the access point level but it happened as well when I bypassed it and connected the laptop's ethernet straight into the P701AV.

As mentioned above, the other access point isn't showing such symptom. So it doesn't appear to be a network wide thing. I temporarily worked around the symptom using a dedicated SSID so that my laptop connects directly to the trunk router. Works great now. So it isn't the laptop, my office access point or main router.

After a bit of struggle, I've finally managed to find the version of the FW update utility which works with Windows 10 and found that one adapter was on an older firmware version. Updated it. No luck, it still crashes the zoom conference if I use that connection.

One interesting thing to note is that we've installed a Flo charge station, which does its own built-in PLC to find the router. It's the only "foreign" PLC; everything else is uniform P701AV.

I have a few paths I'm thinking of which could be causing the disconnects:

- the PLC besides me overheats while the others do not.
(seems unlikely, my office is in the basement so slightly cooler than upstairs)
- the charge station is interfering and, at high bandwidth, causes the connection to drop
- the PLC beside me is faulty

My next step to troubleshoot that is to shut down the charge station during my next zoom meeting and see if it helps. After that... I honestly don't know how I could further troubleshoot/diagnose the network. There must be a way to get some low-level status from the adapters but I just don't know how.
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Re: DHP-P701AV - dropping connections at high bandwidth
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2021, 08:00:47 AM »

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Re: inconsistency with DHP-700AV
Reply #3 on: Today at 07:57:21 AM
I was able to use the Zyxel PLC utility to turn power saving off on these D-Link adapters and also set the QoS priority to high.  Once both of those are done they run fast and as expected.  The default QoS priority is set to "low" and power saving on which leads to poor performance.  Now I can stream 4k no problem.
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