• February 25, 2021, 12:23:59 AM
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Author Topic: I continue to mess with my dhp-700av's  (Read 3048 times)


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I continue to mess with my dhp-700av's
« on: October 16, 2018, 01:32:16 PM »

Hopefully, somebody will eventually reply, anyway...........

I have gone back to wi-fi as neither the av500's or the dhp-700av's have any consistency.  My speed is approximately 20 less than my wi-fi.   The dhp-700av's are properly lit up, all three buttons on each are green most of the time but they tend to lose focus and the middle light goes from green, to red, to blank, etc.  The first light will also go out.  The AV500's seem to do a better job but are also dead slow.   

To get this done, and make sure to connect I drilled a hole through the wall (not making wife delighted) and then proceeded to test every outlet I could and found that the outlet I needed to be on (closer to the computer) was pretty hinky., hence the hole which seemed to fix the problem.  I have no idea why the lights behave as they do given that the wi-fi, from the same router (c2000a-d) seems steady as a rock.  I also swapped out the line from the router to the dhp-700 just to make sure that wasn't the problem.  I got these things as I figured they made better sense than the wi-fi but, now, I am not sure I was right.

Would really appreciate any thoughts on this one.


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Re: I continue to mess with my dhp-700av's
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2021, 08:01:46 AM »

I was able to use the Zyxel PLC utility to turn power saving off on these D-Link adapters and also set the QoS priority to high.  Once both of those are done they run fast and as expected.  The default QoS priority is set to "low" and power saving on which leads to poor performance.  Now I can stream 4k no problem.