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Author Topic: DNS-320L + LG TV DLNA problem  (Read 883 times)


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DNS-320L + LG TV DLNA problem
« on: May 14, 2020, 10:25:22 PM »

Hi Guys.

I have an Asus Router setup with an external harddrive (1TB WD elements) to the USB. I can access this drive on my windows platform in the standard file explorer(which is called samba?), and upload/download movies to the drive via the network. When i turn on my LG TV i have this "Smartshare" app, when opened i can see my Router and access the WD elements harddrive and browse the folders, and play the files, as any other file explorer. More or less works flawlessly...


Recently got my hands on this NAS (DNS-320L). Everything is setup. I can access the drive from my file-explorer in windows 10, and upload/download movies to the volumes (i have volume 1 and volume 2 setup as "standard"), which is exactly how i want it to work. BUT unlike the WD Elements, when i try to access this in LG TV Smartshare app, i click on the DNS-320L, but there's no "Volumes". It just shows 3 folders "Pictures" "Videos" and "Music", which are empty (and it gives an error message when opened)... How come it dosnt open like my WD Elements? Just a normal file exploring view with all the files on the volumes.
I have tried using the media share folders option above the UPnP option. I added volume 1 and volume 2 and created the media library (takes a while this).. But same result. Just 3 folders show up "Pictures" "Videos" "Music". And i cant even find these 3 folders on my NAS, nor figure out how to get my files to show on the TV...

There's also a PLEX media server add-on for this drive. I've downloaded it, but the author wants a donation of at least 2$ before i can use the add-on... Is this legit? And has anyone tried this add-on? Im not putting in creditcard information on a fishy site with Ukranian flags waving.

Any help will be MUCH appriciated. :)