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Author Topic: Common Questions / FAQs  (Read 5121 times)


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Common Questions / FAQs
« on: February 21, 2017, 10:21:14 AM »

Please visit http://support.dlink.com/ProductInfo.aspx?m=DSH-C310 and click FAQs to answer common questions about this camera. You can also view FAQs here: http://www.dlink.com/-/media/files/faq/omna/omna-180-cam-hd-dsh-c310-faqs.pdf?la=en

1. Does this camera work with mydlink Lite or mydlink Home apps?
No. This camera was designed for the Apple HomeKit line and will only work with the D-Link Omna app (iOS/Android) and Apple Home app.

2. Why are there limited settings and features on the camera?
The current functionality within HomeKit is limited by Apple’s implementation, which although restricts D-Link in what features they can provide, also means that competitors will be facing the same issues with regard to HomeKit. Other camera vendors will also only be able to provide features specified within HomeKit. Additionally, if and when future functionality is added to HomeKit by Apple, we will be able to implement the new functionality in our camera. The benefits of being one of the first to market with a HomeKit-compatible camera outweigh the benefits of waiting for more functionality to be implemented by Apple.

3. That functionality of the DSH-C30 camera is supported by HomeKit?
The following functions are supported by the native Home app on iOS devices:
  • Live video – The user can launch a stream of live video with audio from the Home app home screen.
  • Motion detection notifications – The DSH-C310’s video motion detection feature can detect motion and send a notification to the Home app via the HomeKit ecosystem. This means that users can elect to receive a notification from the Home app when motion is detected by the camera.
  • Two-way audio – Video sound is turned on my default, with the user able to adjust the volume of the audio being heard from the camera’s microphone. There is also a ‘mic’ icon on the Home live view screen, which allows the user to mute and unmute the phone’s microphone in order to speak into the phone and have the audio broadcast by the camera’s built-in speaker.
  • Apple Watch – The camera’s live video can be viewed on Apple watch using the Home app. Two way audio can also be used through the Apple watch.
  • Siri integration – Although none of the camera’s functions can be directly controlled using Siri, users can call up the live video of their Omna camera using Siri. They would need to say something similar to “Hey Siri, show me the <camera’s name in Home app> live video in the home app”.

4. What functionality is added by the Omna app?
  • Motion detection settings – For motion detection, HomeKit simply receives a motion detection event from the camera, and forwards it to the user’s device in the form of a push notification. The way in which the camera detects motion is unable to be adjusted. Within the Omna app, users can adjust the threshold for motion detection (as motion detection is video based, they can essentially adjust the percentage pixels changing between frames in order to be considered motion). They can also block out certain areas of the video area (using a grid format) which will not be included in motion detection (such as doors or windows in a room). Users can also adjust the re-trigger delay between motion detection between 30 seconds and 5 minutes to avoid continuous recording due to motion being present for an extended period.
  • SD card recording and playback – Users can record short clips direct to a microSD card inserted into the unit based on motion detection. The Omna app allows users to turn on motion detection based recording, whereby a 20 second video clip will be recorded upon motion detection. The camera is constantly buffering 3 seconds of video, so upon detecting motion, the saved video clip will comprise 3 seconds before the motion event and 17 second after the event, meaning that users will be able to see what was happening immediately before the motion detection instead of only seeing what happened from the motion detection event onward. The video clip length is currently unable to be adjusted using the app.
  • Firmware upgrade – The Omna app allows users to upgrade the camera’s firmware, allowing us to provide additional features and functionality in the future through updated firmware. There will not be firmware files added to http://support.dlink.com. Upgrades happen through the Omna app only.
  • Remote Viewing - The Omna app supports remote viewing without the need for a Home Hub.

5. Is cloud-based recording supported?
Apple has stated that they are not currently supporting cloud recording via the HomeKit ecosystem for security reasons, so there is currently no way to record video from any HomeKit camera to the cloud. D-Link does not currently offer any alternative cloud recording mechanism, which is why they have included a microSD card slot on the camera. Users can configure motion detection-based recording which will be automatically saved to a microSD card inserted into the card slot. Recorded video clips can be played back on mobile devices using the Omna app, or the microSD card can be removed from the device and read using a computer.

Also, the camera does not support recording to a NAS or NVR device at this time.

6. How do I enable and set up motion detection on my DSH-C310 camera?

Visit http://support.dlink.com/FAQView.aspx?f=1J4hyQGHS%2fnn4Au4TR64bg%3d%3d

7. How do I setup and install my DSH-C310 with the Apple Home app?

Visit http://support.dlink.com/FAQView.aspx?f=Ks4C50TiQzW2zcR2ardasw%3d%3d

8. How do I format my microSD card on my DSH-C310 camera?

Visit http://support.dlink.com/FAQView.aspx?f=fVwsUnAuI1sIwuIJfqbqZw%3d%3d

9. How can I share control of my DSH-C310 camera using the Apple Home app?

To share control of your HomeKit accessory you must use the Home app. Click the link below:


10. Can motion detection from my DSH-C310 camera trigger other HomeKit accessories?

Yes. It can be set up in the Apple Home app under the Automation section. However, an AppleTV (4th generation with tvOS 10.1 or higher) or iPad (iOS 10.1 or higher) is needed to enable the automation.

Please refer to https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT207057 for instructions.

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