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Cannot connect to admin console - weak encryption (logjam attack)

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What region are you located?
Where did you get  fw 2.02B801C_WW from?

--- Quote from: killeriq on October 26, 2015, 06:58:06 AM ---I have the same issue...

have 2 routers dsr-250

rev. A1 - fw 1.09 - that one is ok
rev. A2 - fw 2.02B801C_WW - have issue with the "Secure Connection Failed" on FF and Chrome

Reply ive got from Dlink support is that i need to disable

 about:config - search dhe and certificate (...)128_sha, put to false


This solution is like workaround, where the poor Dlink RnD and Beta testing force customer to disable security and weaken the browser security. Really lame i doubt that both teams FF and Chrome did mistake in their security standarts...

--- End quote ---

I just updated my router dsr-250 rev A2 from DSR-250_A2_FW2.02B401C_WW to this version; DSR-250_A2_FW2.02B701C_WW(0804154808).02b701c_ww.

Link to official ftp dlink site;


And now...no message like, ssl_error_weak_blabla...occurred during a connection to my router with Firefox 40.0.

Does it happen with IE or Opera?
What region are you located?

Did you clear all browser caches before and after updating FW?

No problem with IE or Opera, just the message about the self-signed certificate. It's normal considering my configuration. Cache was cleared before updating and after...and I'm from Québec Canada.

Enjoy. ;)


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