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Author Topic: Wi-FI Information Help DSL-2640B  (Read 2105 times)


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Wi-FI Information Help DSL-2640B
« on: September 17, 2013, 07:08:20 AM »

Hello everyone, i have an Wireless ADSL Router D-Link 2640B, with 2 computers connected to him. 1 from LAN with the LAN cable direct from the computer. and the second one connected via wireless (just 3 meters and 1wall away. max signal strenght).
In wireless settings i have set up an incredible long password with numbers, words, special characters and dots, limited the maximum number of connected clients to 1. activated the MAC Adress filtering. (WPA2-PSK security level). Marked the button "Hide Wireless Network adress", so nobody can't see me expect my second computer.
But still, when i connect with my 2nd computer via wireless, everything goes fine. But when i turn off the computer. the WLAN Light on modem it's still blinking, somethimes with regular intervals and sometimes with different intervals.
Anyways when i try to change password. the WLAN light goes static and never blinks. then i try to connect to it with the new password and it shows that my computer is in the network (WLAN Light blinking). so i turn off the computer again, but the WLAN light is still blinking...
And when i go in the "Connected Wireless Clients" from the LAN Cable connected computer, i see the name and MAC Adress of mine second computer, as connected and doing something. But how can it be connected if it's turned off ?!
I have some real proffesional hackers around me or it's just the router going crazy? why the WLAN light keeps blinking when i should not be to?
Please someone help me:C


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Re: Wi-FI Information Help DSL-2640B
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2013, 07:14:51 AM »

Thats normal activity and the radio broadcasting beacons to detecting clients. So when you reconnect your one PC, it sees the signal, even though it's hidden. No hackers near by or there could be some spurious requests for access in which the modem is responding and denying access. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Honestly, doesn't take much to get pass hidden SSIDs and Mac Filtering.
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