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Author Topic: Firmware bug in HW_C1 of DAP-1360  (Read 27654 times)


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Re: Firmware bug in HW_C1 of DAP-1360
« Reply #15 on: October 27, 2013, 11:11:01 AM »

Ok. Time for another update.

The system I installed from the start has now been shut down and the APs removed. It did work "OK" by using the timers that did a power cycle on the units every 6h just to make sure they where running. As a new WLAN has been partly installed I am opting for another solution with cheap netgear wg602v3 APs (similar to dwl-700ap), it might be more a bit more stable and I can get my hands on the quick and dirt cheap.

It is ironic that the standard AP i used from the start (d-link dwl-700ap) was stable as a rock, did not need rebooting, and had a perfect AC DC adapter with a true transformer part that is needed, as the power distribution network is bad, where the WLAN is. Lots of spikes, thunder and other things that does bad things to cheaper standard switching AC DC adapters.

At least now I have a cat5e LAN backbone and can use three APs in standard mode. If the netgears work out, I will stick with them, otherwise I might buy the older d-link dwl-700ap as I can get hold of them and I know that is working as it should.


Ok. Back to the DAP-1360 and I did see a new firmware released, but that was not anything special. To bad there is no custom firmware for these products that do have "development" possibility due to the using open source stuff, and realtek chips.

At least you would thing that D-link could update parts of the firmware that the do not even need to do anything with, someone else is doing the work for them. I am thinking of "busybox", and the linux drivers for the realtek chips in the unit. How hard is it to just update these things, run it, test it to see that it at least works. That should fix a lot of bugs without D-link having to do almost nothing, other than to compile a new firmware. I can not do it as I do not have the skills for it, but as there is a development kit for DAP-1360 and some other units, that are open source it should be easy for someone who has the skills. All the stuff needed can be downloaded and the just put together and build a new firmware.

The strangest part of all is that there is no error reporting tool for D-link products, it is smart to let the end-user send in logs and report errors in the products, much easier to fix them if you know what kind of errors there are in products. And the user is then doing all the work for you. So because of the new firmware I am going to hook up my desktop PC and run two dap-1360 (one as AP and the other as Wireless Client) and see if the errors I got before are still there. And I can then post them here. It might take a while, depends I guess. And after that has been done, I will do the same with the DWL-G700AP and see if that is rock solid. With my setup errors, bugs will show them selves, as I use my computer for so many things.

I will update when I have more information.

Small update:

Been running one unit as AP, the other as Wireless Client. Using my desktop PC over this WLAN link out onto the Internet. With the firmware v3.04b1 is seems to be more stable but I do not know. The only errors (or messages) from the logs as of now, is that the AP unit posted lots of pages with the message "D3 hot -> L1" whatever that is. It went on for about 20 pages then stopped. Seems to be running normal again. From the Wireless Client the only messages in the logs over the last days is "wlan0: Delete MC entry not found!"

I can tell from looking at the logs, they have changed a lot of things in the last firmware v3.04b1 even though nothing is said of this in the information for the latest update.

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Re: Firmware bug in HW_C1 of DAP-1360
« Reply #16 on: November 09, 2013, 10:52:10 AM »

Is there a syslog function on the 1360?  ???
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Re: Firmware bug in HW_C1 of DAP-1360
« Reply #17 on: November 14, 2013, 02:43:31 PM »

FurryNutz, no, no syslog function, just checking the "status" -> "logs" function.

No more reply to this thread is needed. I have started a new thread as all the errors reported here are gone with the new v3.04 firmware for HW_C1 of DAP-1360

I do believe that d-link people do read these pages and my reporting has helped them identify problems and fixing them, but I will never know that. Anyway it does not matter, only that they might have stumbled upon this information in the forums, fixed the bugs by doing their own debug.

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