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655 router behind Vonage - how to?

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I've tried putting my DIR-655 behind my Vonage VOIP box/router and can't get it to work.  The setup I want is:
Cable Modem -> Vonage -> DIR-655 router.

I have Comcast Internet with a dynamic IP address.  The Vonage box includes a basic router, but I want the Vonage box only to handle VOIP and all other functions, including DHCP, to be done by my 655. 

The Vonage box's LAN IP is  I turned its DHCP server OFF and set up DMZ for -- which then is supposed to be the LAN IP address for the 655.  The Vonage router has no function for assigning static IP addresses.  It's simply DHCP server ON/OFF. 

Also, the Vonage box can set DMZ only within 192.168.15.* -- that is, only the last number is selectable.

Problem is that, when I plug everything in, my D-Link router is stuck "Connecting" -- that is, it seems it is unable to communicate properly with the Vonage router. 

At present, the 655 is set: "My Internet Connection is: Dynamic IP (DHCP)".

Is it supposed to be "Static IP".  If so, I can't figure out what to put in the fields at the bottom:

IP Address : 
Subnet Mask : 
Default Gateway :
Primary DNS Server : 
Secondary DNS Server :

Any suggestions for how to do this properly?

How about trying the following?
Cable modem> Dir-655 router> Vonage router?
Put the Vonage router in the 655's DMZ...

FurryNutz, thanks for the suggestion to put the Vonage router behind the 655 in the 655's DMZ.  That's how I have it set up now.  But I'd like to put the Vonage box out-front.

It seems there should be a way to do this.  A gateway-router of sorts (the Vonage box) with a second inside-router that's doing it's own DHCP (the D-link box).  The Vonage box can be set up for this, but I need help to configure the 655 as an inside-router (inside the Vonage DMZ).

I presume this could be done if you can assigned a IP from the Vonage router to the 655. Then you would manually set the IP address the Vonage router is giving to the 655 in Setup/Internet/Manual settings. The IP address would be what is being handed off. The subnet would be what ever Vonage is using. I presume or 192? The Gateway and DNS IP addresses would be the IP address of the Vonage router. Not fully sure this would work. And if you do it this way and it does work, you might run into Double NAT issues with some applications and game consoles. Why it's better to let the 655 handle all the traffic routing and use all the benefits and features of the 655. You could try putting the 655 in the Vonage DMZ and try that as well. Let us know how it goes.

FurryNutz, I tried that.  Or, at least I tried to try that.  With the Vonage on the outside (Modem > Vonage > 655), the Vonage box IP addess is and its has DMZ set as  As I noted above, the Vongae box cannot assign IP addresses manually.  The Vonage box only allows for DHCP on/off and DMZ.  IOW, the 655 has to tell the Vonage box what its (the 655's) IP address is; it it's, the Vonage treats it as the DMZ.

Based on how I understand your suggestion, on the D-link webpage I should set "IP Address" as (which is also the "Network Settings" IP address for the router), and then set both Default Gateway and DNS as, but when I tried that the 655 responded that there's a WAN-LAN conflict and would not save the settings.  

In my initial post I provided additional details.  


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