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Any Newer Firmware coming out soon ?

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To correct your VOIP problem, another poster has suggested (successfully) to change your Advanced Firewall SIP setting to "unchecked."

I have the same problem and unchecking SIP setting does not help. Even putting the ATA in the DMZ does not help. Even in the DMZ it blocks outgoing ICMP packets from the ATA. Honestly so many of the features on this router simply do not work. I have an A4 which I reflashed to 1.34 to help with this issue... it was better but I still lose VOIP every 8 hours or so. Considering this router has been on the market for a few years this is really not impressive.

maybe its the A4 version that is problematic rather than the 655 in general....

It is possible, but I still cannot respect the company for bringing out a buggy product and then being very slow to update firmware.

No bugs here...


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