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Any Newer Firmware coming out soon ?

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Fearless Predictor:

--- Quote from: BillyBob2 on July 19, 2010, 11:05:09 AM ---I have an issue with 1.34NA where the router will crash everyone once in a while.
Actually, not fully crash.
Just my VoIP will stop registering with there providers.
I have 2 separate VoIP lines each from a different provider.  Approximately, Once evey 2 weeks or so, they will go down.  and the only way I can get them to re-register is to reboot my DIR-655 router.
I think that downloading torrents my exaggerate the issue...

VoIP is using port 5060 possibly 5061 as well.

sounds like a BUG! no?

--- End quote ---

Maybe nail down exactily what ports your VOIP is using. I use Magicjacks and MagicJack plus and I had to configure them in Port Forwarding TCP and UDP Allow for ports 5060,5070  and another setting for 49152,65525. Perhaps this will help with VOIP at least.


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