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Author Topic: DIR-855:L Issues with internet WOL and Broadcast Address  (Read 8541 times)


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DIR-855:L Issues with internet WOL and Broadcast Address
« on: June 23, 2010, 03:33:08 PM »

Hi All,
Can anyone give me a definitive answer of whether WOL over the internet is functional with this router, and does it have a working LAN Broadcast Address? If so can anyone kindly tell me what settings they have used.

I have built my first server (using WHS Vail) and it works fine and wake on LAN works perfectly (using magic packets) internally over my LAN, however i am tearing my hair out trying to get WOL to work over the internet and have wasted countless hours trawling forums and goggle for hints. I now have the sneaky suspicion that the current 855 firmware does not support the LAN Broadcast Address i need to make this functional.

Briefly i am using a A2 version running the 1.22NA beta 05 firmware and everything works well.
The virtual server settings have been setup and work for external access of my server so i know the machine functions.
I have multiple times setting up ports 7, 9 using the inbuilt 'Wake on LAN' template and directed packets to which should be the standard Broadcast Address setting for my LAN IP ( I have also tried forwarding packets directly to my server IP. Neg results. I have tried several WOL clients, sending wake up signals to both my proper IP address, and have also setup a dynamic DNS address to try that instead. The log on the router does not list these incoming packets but shows all my other traffic.

In the forum for the DIR-655, people have commented that the Broadcast Address function has been disabled in the more current firmware for that model. Is it the same case for the 855?  I have also tried the various workarounds trying to use a broadcast address of by spoofing the page save function, but the address is still blocked.

Surely broadcast addresses are part of the basic functionality of any router and this top end product should support this and WOL?  Am i missing something?

I don't mind downgrading my firmware to an earlier version or beta.

Any suggestions would be very greatly received!


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Re: DIR-855:L Issues with internet WOL and Broadcast Address
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2010, 01:36:49 PM »


I am happy to report that i now have WOL wake on lan working with my DIR-855 from outside my network.  :D :D

In the virtual server settings, using the in-built template i selected Wake-On-Lan and entered which is the broadcast address for my LAN (LAN ip = using public/private port = 9, and UDP.

The key ro get it all working was then to go into Firewall Settings and change 'UDP Endpoint Filtering:' to 'Endpoint Independent'. I also disable Sp1 and anti-spoof-checking.

My network card (dlink brand using generic windows home server vail drivers) was setup to allow to wake pc from standby using magic packets.

After rebooting i was then able to wake the pc from outside my LAN.. I haev subsequently setup a free dynamic DNS account which automatically links my modem ip address (no matter what it changes to) to a free webiste name  choose.

Now i have installed a free app on my android phone which by the press of a button of widget button for the app (which sits on my phones' home page screen) it sends a magic packet to my free domain name which goes thru automatically to my modem ip, to the router which then wakes my server pc up instantly no matter where i am in the world.

Very impressed now it all works!

Co-incidentally, after installing the recent 1.23WW beta firmware for my dir-855, i can now have the remote wake on lan work as described above but i can now turn on all the SPI, anti-spoofing, and the UDP  'Port And Address Restricted' setting for full firewall security.

Hope this is useful for someone! ???


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Re: DIR-855:L Issues with internet WOL and Broadcast Address
« Reply #2 on: November 10, 2010, 10:53:15 AM »


Thank you for very clear instructions as I also have been pulling my hair out. I followed your set-up exactly, and went to www.wakeonlan.me for a test run. It came back with the following error message:

" - this IP is from private network and could not be addressed and cannot be woken up from Internet."

Out of curiosity, what are the advantages of setting this up as a private network, versus simply port forwarding? Thanks!!


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Re: DIR-855:L Issues with internet WOL and Broadcast Address
« Reply #3 on: December 07, 2010, 01:53:27 AM »

Wake-on-LAN is implemented using a special network message called a magic packet. The magic packet contains the MAC address of the destination computer. The listening computer waits for a magic packet addressed to it and then initiates system wake-up.

The magic packet is sent on the data link or layer 2 in the OSI model and broadcast to all NICs using the network broadcast address; the IP-address (layer 3 in the OSI model) is not used. This is why Wake-on-LAN is platform-independent. Any application, on any platform, can wake up computers running on any other platform.

It is a common misconception that because Wake-on-LAN is built upon broadcast technology it can only be used within the current network subnet. Whilst this is generally the case there are some exceptions.

In order for Wake-on-LAN to work, parts of the network interface need to stay on. This consumes standby power, much less than normal operating power. If Wake-on-LAN is not needed, disabling it may reduce power consumption slightly while the computer is switched off but still plugged in.[


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Re: DIR-855:L Issues with internet WOL and Broadcast Address
« Reply #4 on: December 10, 2010, 08:06:49 AM »

Been following this on the 4500 forum and thought I would post this info here as some of you seem to be having the same problems. This might help. One guy seems to have it going on the 4500. You should contact him for more information if you need:
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