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Author Topic: Need help with port triggering  (Read 4318 times)


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Need help with port triggering
« on: February 26, 2010, 01:47:45 AM »

Hello there.

I'm using a DLink WBR-2310 router that connects a cable modem to about 4 different computers in my home. Well my friend and I were testing the online mode of a video game he's developing and it wouldn't work. Thing is, it works with EVERYONE he's tried it with (~5 people) EXCEPT me. Even with someone who is using the same setup as I am: Windows Vista + a router, just perhaps not the same router.

So I read a guide written on the help community of the particular development software he's using for the game.  The guide had the following instructions:

D-Link Router

    * Browse to your D-Link Router and login.
    * Goto Advanced Tab
    * Select Applications
    * Put in the following values:
    * Select enabled
    * Trigger Port: 47624
    * Trigger Type: Both
    * Public Port: 2300-2400
    * Public Type: Both

HOWEVER. My router's application rules page only has "trigger" and "firewall", no "public port".  Look:

Link to image of my router's application rules page

That also shows the set up I've got right now, which didn't work (that is, we couldn't connect in my friend's game).  It didn't work; I have a feeling that there's a lot here that I don't understand.

Also here's my port forwarding settings:

Link to image that shows my router's port forwarding page

Note that I have just disabled the port forwarding a few minutes ago. When we tried testing my friend's online game they were enabled.  (Actually I dunno if I even need any port forwarding after having done port triggering...)

Further info; I've got a static IP set up (the one you see in the image above), and the game is attempting to connect through hamachi.  I've also tried pf'ing to my hamachi ip; no luck.  Also, I've been to portforward.com, but they don't seem to explain the fields on the application rules page for my router.

So what's the deal here? I'm kind of a newbie at this online stuff, but I'm learning pretty fast. Anyone with more knowledge than me who can give me some suggestions?
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