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DIR-880L DHCP failure in Bridge mode?

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The DIR-895L is at firmware 1.21

I cannot downgrade the 880L or it will become useless to me. I need the DLNA fix that was in v1.20B01 at minimum. The 880L is currently at v1.20B02.

I can try another factory reset on the 880L & reset it up, but do you know how to access the router after connecting via bridge mode? dlinkrouter.local will just route to the 895L after connecting.


DLNA was not working in v1.08?

After you set up the 880L in bridge mode and it's connected to the 895L, look at the 895Ls connected clients list to see the IP address of the 880L connected there. You can access the 880L's web page in bridge mode using the DHCP IP address for it in a browser.

Yep, if you look at the release notes for 1.20 build01 it shows a dlna fix. I originally bought the router to replace a DAP-1522. I had to stick with the 1522 because before the fix I could not see dlna from any clients connected to the 880L.

I have a laptop hardwired to the 880L right now, have full internet access via the bridge but the 895L does not show the IP of the 880L. So I have no idea what to try to connect to.

FYI, this was the thread I created when I first bought & couldn’t see DLNA

Hmmm, should show an IP address for the 880L.
Might try a FING app scan with a mobile device to see if that picks up the 880L and IP address.

Excellent call on Fing. That showed me the IP. I could only log in to the 880L hardwired into it. I got in & set up a daily reboot schedule to see if that fixes the issue.

I also just set the time manually instead of NTP since that wasn't working.

We'll see how it goes.


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