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DIR-880L DHCP failure in Bridge mode?

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I'm looking for help to confirm whether my problem is a bug.

DIR-880L HW A1 running latest 1.20 firmware in Bridge Mode.  Location: Palo Alto, California, USA

PC clients connected to the LAN ports have normal internet access through the DIR-880L bridge for a day or so, then apparently the IP address is not renewed after expiration so the clients get autoconfiguration IP addresses (e.g. and lose connection to the internet.  This behavior has been reproduced at least a dozen times and is consistently repeatable.  Power cycling the DIR-880L enables the LAN connected clients to regain internet access, until their IP leases expire again.

The wireless router that this DIR-880L bridge connects to for internet access is a Netgear R8000 Nighthawk X6.  Internet provider is Comcast Business.

For comparison, I also have two DIR-868L configured in Bridge mode running latest firmware and in the same role as the DIR-880L, and the DIR-868L units do not share the same issue.

I appreciate any help to get to a resolution on this issue.


* What wireless modes are you using?
Is Smart Connect, Beamforming and or MIMO enabled on the router?
What is the distance between the router and the 880L?

I just put mine online tonite and will let it run for a few days and see if I notice anything...

The DIR-880L is configured to connect to the 5G band of the Netgear router.

I currently don't have admin access to this router (it's not owned by me), but I'd guess that beamforming is enabled, Smart Connect is enabled, but MIMO is not.

Distance is approx. 50 feet, with two walls in between.  The Comcast service downlink speed is 100Mbps, and this bridge link can sustain that speed, at least when other connected clients are not using some of the bandwidth.

With the DIR-880L in bridge mode, the Netgear router acts as the DHCP server for clients attached to the DIR-880L, right?  The Netgear router appears to hand out IP leases that expire in 24 hours.  After expiration, the clients' requests for IP address renewal apparently goes unanswered.  After a client loses the internet connection after its IP address expired, I tried "ipconfig /renew" but it sits there for a while then times out.  I have to power cycle the DIR-880L before any client gets a valid IP address again.

Possible that the distance is too far and the signal is dropped. With two walls and 50 feet, 5Ghz is effected by building materials. I forgot to check mine last nite after I got home. I didn't get home til late. I will today though. Mines in a 15-12 foot range though.  ::)

Can you move the 880L any closer?

Yes the NG router is the main host DHCP server...

Unfortunately the 880L bridge cannot be located.  It is in my test lab and the Netgear router is in another lab.

I have switched to using DIR-868L in bridge mode.  As a substitute for DIR-880L, the DIR-868L can keep attached clients connected for many days, so it doesn't appear to have the same issue with wrecking IP address renewal for clients.  The only downside in using DIR-868L is its latest firmware still missing the KRACK fix, though I understand the 868L is end-of-life so may never get another firmware release.  I've also briefly tried AdvancedTomato firmware with the 868L in bridge mode and it seems to work fine also.

Unless the DIR-880L bridge can keep the clients connected to the internet without daily manual intervention, I won't be able to use it in my lab.

By the way, that Netgear router hands out 48-hour or 24-hour IP address leases (don't know why it's not consistent), so an accurate test for this issue may require up to 48 hours for the lease to expire for a client.  I already got misled when a client continued to work past the 24-hour mark, only to have it cut off again past the 48-hour mark.


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