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DIR-880L DHCP failure in Bridge mode?

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Can someone set up an IP address reservation for the DIR-880L on the NG router? This will override the lease time out. Possible that when the lease times out, the connection drops and doesn't gain another IP address, however in most cases when the lease runs out, the connection should not be dropped nor the IP address should be changed if the 880L is still connected.

I have no admin access to the Netgear router, but have requested it.

Getting IP address reservations may be difficult, as I have at least 9 clients connected downstream from the bridge.

For now, the workaround continues to be DIR-868L replacing the DIR-880L in bridge mode.

Ok, will be checking mine when I get home after bit.  ;)

OK, seems like this is a problem. I got home and I could not access the main host router from my Windows PC thru the 880L. LED was BLUE on the 5Ghz radio. I can't remember if the Internet Globe was, I think it was. Both the Windows PC and Mac Mini that were wired to the back of the 880L reporting having IP addresses. I could not ping the main host router. I disabled the LANs on both PCs and then re-enabled them and they failed to get an IP address. I powered OFF the 880L and after it was back, PCs got IPs and had Internet access.

I have reverted back to v1.08WW 2016 FW. I didn't do a factory reset after using the Recovery Mode as I saw Bridge mode was still configured after the FW was downgraded. I'll let it run over the weekend. If it happens again, i'll factory reset. I'm hoping it doesn't.  ::)

I'll have D-Link review this.  ;)

Thanks much for helping to investigate this, FurryNutz!

I recall seeing last week the Internet Globe LED lit up blue, and the 5GHz radio LED slow blinking on the 880L bridge.

Just before this long weekend, I set up my 880L bridge and 868L bridge running alongside each otherl, both connecting to the same Netgear router SSID over 5GHz WPA2/AES.  The 868L has the usual 8 clients attached (via a Netgear GS116 gigabit switch) and the 880L has just one client attached directly.

I just checked connectivity.  It's been 3 days since the setup.  The clients behind the 868L bridge are all responding to remote access (via TeamViewer).  The single client behind the 880L bridge does not respond to remote access, most likely because the 880L has cut off internet connection to this client.

For lack of any evidence to the contrary, I still suspect this issue is related to 880L breaking client IP address renewals.  After rebooting the 880L, connected clients all get normal IP address leases, and remain connected to the internet within their lease periods.  Once a lease expires for a client, however, its internet connection will fail.  By comparison, the 868L bridge working in the same environment as the 880L does not exhibit this issue.

At least the failure symptoms have remained highly consistent for this 880L, for as long as I have worked with it as a wireless bridge.


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