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Author Topic: New DSM-520 Owner - Please Help me! :)  (Read 3920 times)


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New DSM-520 Owner - Please Help me! :)
« on: November 06, 2009, 11:30:44 AM »

I'm new and I'm really just trying to get things up and running.  I've got a few questions so if you can answer all or any of them - I'd really appreciate it.

1.)  Why can't I install ActiveTV on Windows 7?
Every time I try, I get an error message saying I need XP or Vista.  I'm really hoping this is just a local problem, because the box doesn't say anything about not support Windows 7.  In fact, it even has the 'PlaysForSure' logo. 

2.)  Why doesn't Fast Forward / Rewind work?
With the DLink media server - none of my video would fast forward or rewind.  I'd see the icon on the screen, nothing would happen.  Running various other media servers - I was able to get the 'jump' functionality working - but using it causes the sound and the picture to get out of sync.  What's the deal?  This seems like very basic functionality for a media player.  If I need to convert all of my media, what format do I need to put it in.  If I need better server software, what do I need (and why doesn't DLink's software provide this?)

3.)  TV Guide?
Maybe I'm alone on this one - but I really, really miss having a TV Guide.  I want to see what is playing on my Comcast basic cable package.  Naturally, there are countless websites that display that information, but I can't seem to find any way to get that information to display on my TV through the DSM-520.  Does anyone know how I can accomplish this?  I wrote a program to fetch the data from the web and generate a large image that is stored on my PC in a shared media folder - but.....

4.)  Large Pictures?
The image I generated to make a TV Guide is very large.  Is there no way to 'pan', 'scroll' or 'zoom' a photo?  I saw the settings in the menu related to image viewing, keeping the original size is what I want, but I can only see the upper-left hand corner of my photo.  Basic zooming and panning and all that were available in MSPaint as far back as Windows 95, at least, from what I can remember.  Is this not possible with the DSM-520 - or is it the server not serving the image correctly....or am I just missing something?

5.)  D-Link's Media Server == Horrible Quality on the Screen
Can anyone tell me what's going on here?  If I use something like Tversity - I have zero problems.  With the included D-Link software (upgraded to the newest version) my videos are 'blocky' and just plain ugly.  I'm not doing anything with high def, these are mostly DVD-quality recordings.  But the same files look great when streamed from Tversity and others.  What do I need to do to fix this, or should I just avoid D-Link's software?

6.)  The presets / Video, Music, buttons
Not a huge deal but....is there any reason why I can't use the presets to take me to specific folders?  I've only had this thing for a day, but I'd really like to hit a button and just be 'where I want'.  The presets seemed like they were perfect for that, but I can't seem to get them to work at all.  It seems they are only used for music?  I'd like to be able to press a button and have the menu take me to a specific folder (say my favorite TV show's subfolder) - is there anyway to do that?  I know the remote has some pre-defined buttons; can I remap those somehow?  Is that controlled on the server?

7.)  Web Browsing.....
How do I browse the web with this thing?  Is it possible.  I can't fathom a single reason why I couldn't; but I also couldn't figure out how to do it.  Being able to surf the web would solve my TV guide problem.

Thanks in advance for all your help.  I'm really hoping this DSM-520 turns out to be a great purchase.


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Re: New DSM-520 Owner - Please Help me! :)
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2009, 04:40:48 PM »


1.  ActiveTV came out long before Windows 7.  It is not a D-Link product...it is a product from Mediamall.  Lots of things stopped working on it since ActiveTV came out.  Check themediamall.com for PlayOn, a pay product.

2.  FF/RW never did work well if it is a high bit rate file.  Page Up/Page down will jump +30 / -10 sec.  Search and enter a time will also work.  However, my experience is that it is flakey on .AVI files.  This is a limitation of the AVI format.

3.  The DSM-520 is made to play files on a PC or local storage drive.  It is not designed to have a TV guide.

4.  Haven't used it for images so I'll defer to someone else.

5.  Haven't had issues with picture quality using D-Link's software.  You're using 1.10?  In Q.1 you mentioned Windows 7.  Are you running D-Link's software on the same box?

6.  Haven't used the presets...I'll defer to someone else on that one.

7.  You can't surf the web on the DSM-520.