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Author Topic: DWA-552 + DIR-655 disconnection issues  (Read 3124 times)


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DWA-552 + DIR-655 disconnection issues
« on: September 08, 2009, 10:39:49 PM »

Hi guys, hope you can help. My computer was usually hardwired to my old router but ever since i bought the combo its been problem after problem. I've been looking around the forums for the past week or so looking for answers on how to fix the disconnection problems but so far nothing worked however, some have actually made the up-time of the internet longer.

DWA-552 - Driver = Atheros
DIR-655 - Firmware = 1.21 Hard Version = A4
Windows XP Pro Sp3

So basically my computer keeps D/Cing randomly between 10-50 mins, at first i thought it was the router so i changed the settings based on "jpm67" however it still disconnected from time to time. The only things being logged in the router are the "blocked incoming XXX Packet" and "UPnP renew entry" messages and ocassional the "Mac address secured and link + associated". and since my other 2 laptops aren't disconnecting at all, it has to be the adapter.
Also when download my speed will reach 1.2 mbs for about 10 seconds then it'll drop to 30~40 then go back up again to 1.2 mbs. The only thing i'm using to monitor my signal is the window's icon and EVEREST Home Edition.

Note* when installing the drivers for DWA-552 i'd get the logo error for the adapter, (I usually click "continue anyways") it says its my BitDefender firewall NDIS filter Driver but i've disable the BitDefender driver for the adapter and my bitdefender firewall doesnt even pick up the information about the internet anymore (How fast i am recieving/sending)
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