• December 14, 2019, 05:06:34 PM
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Author Topic: Limited Portal Support for Chrome 79  (Read 149 times)


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Limited Portal Support for Chrome 79
« on: December 02, 2019, 06:53:53 AM »

From the mydlink team:

Chrome 79, scheduled to be released on Dec 10, will remove Native Client, which is essential for mydlink Portal to support D-Link products manufactured before 2018. As a result, mydlink Portal will not be able to support Chrome 79 for D-Link products such as DCS-932L, DCS-2530L and DIR-890L (full list below).

For these products, please use IE11 on computers running Windows, or Firefox 52 ESR (Windows, MacOS) on computers running Windows or MacOS. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Affected Products:

DCS-1100, DCS-1100L, DCS-1130, DCS-1130L, DCS-2132L, DCS-2136L, DCS-2210L, DCS-2230L, DCS-2310L, DCS-2330L, DCS-2332L, DCS-2530L, DCS-2630L, DCS-2670L, DCS-5000L, DCS-5009L, DCS-5010L, DCS-5020L, DCS-5025L, DCS-5029L, DCS-5030L, DCS-5211L, DCS-5222L, DCS-5230L, DCS-6004L, DCS-6005L, DCS-6010L, DCS-6045L, DCS-6212L, DCS-7000L, DCS-700L, DCS-7010L, DCS-8000LH, DCS-8100LH, DCS-800L, DCS-820L, DCS-825L, DCS-850L, DCS-855L, DCS-930L, DCS-931L, DCS-932L, DCS-933L, DCS-934L, DCS-935L, DCS-936L, DCS-940L, DCS-942L, DCS-945L, DCS-960L, DIR-140L, DIR-508L, DIR-508LW, DIR-510L, DIR-518L, DIR-600L, DIR-600LW, DIR-601L, DIR-602L, DIR-605L, DIR-605LW, DIR-619L, DIR-626L, DIR-636L, DIR-640L, DIR-645L, DIR-808L, DIR-810L, DIR-816L, DIR-818L, DIR-820L, DIR-826L, DIR-830L, DIR-836L, DIR-840L, DIR-845L, DIR-850L, DIR-855L, DIR-860L, DIR-862L, DIR-865L, DIR-866L, DIR-868L, DIR-880L, DIR-885L, DIR-890L, DIR-895L, DIR-900L, DIR-905L, DIR-919L, DNR-202L, DNR-212L, DNR-312L, DNR-322L, DNS-320L, DNS-327L, DNS-340L, DSL-2770L, DSL-2870B, DSL-2875AL, DSL-2877AL, DSL-2880AL, DSL-2890AL, DSL-2900AL, DSL-3580L, DSL-3581L, DSL-3590L, DSL-4320L