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Author Topic: Packet Loss with PPPoE  (Read 138 times)


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Packet Loss with PPPoE
« on: November 16, 2019, 01:25:08 PM »

Hey team!

Thanks a lot for your attention and I have to say that my english is a little rusty.

I've just bought a DIR-825 recently (brand new) and configured it using automatic settings and just putting my ISP infos for PPPoE connection. Since it I'm experiencing packet loss of about 55% after a Ping Plotter 5 test. My network drops randomly which means I can't relate it to any specific trigger. I did some troubleshooting steps after a quick search on internet and not helped me:

- Reseted my router 3x times and configured all over again automatically and manually.

- Using CMD I did a set "ping www.google.com.br -f -l 1492" and received:

O pacote precisa ser fragmentado, mas a desfragmentação está ativa. | The packet needs to be fragmented, but the desfragmentation is active.
O pacote precisa ser fragmentado, mas a desfragmentação está ativa.
O pacote precisa ser fragmentado, mas a desfragmentação está ativa.
O pacote precisa ser fragmentado, mas a desfragmentação está ativa.

Estatísticas do Ping para
    Pacotes: Enviados = 4, Recebidos = 0, Perdidos = 4 (100% de perda) | Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 0, Loss = 4 (100% of loss)

Everytime. When I change in CMD the MTU for lower numbers I can receive 100% of packets normally but after set this same numbers on my router webpage I see packet loss using CMD as well. For example: if I set 1328 as MTU in CMD before put it on router's webpage I can receive every packet using CMD but as I said right after set this same number in MTU the issue still happens.

I'm not even close of an expert and I really need help. :/

My connection is an PPPoE connection with Dynamic IP. I have 100MB of fiber connection.

My equipment:

- DIR-825  H/W G1 F/W 7.10
- Intelbras (Brazilian brand) ONU 110 B v1.0 (apparently this is a bridge)

My PC is connected in LAN ports. I can't test Wi-Fi connection on my PC.

I can't update my firmware because everytime I upload the .bin file it show me a message of error:  "Invalid image file. Please select the correct image file and upload it again."

And sometimes when I try to enter router's webpage I receive the error:

(null) 400 Bad Request
Server: web server
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2019 21:22:51 GMT
X-Frame-Options : SAMEORIGIN
Cache-Control: no-cache,no-store
Content-Type: text/html; charset=%s
Connection: close

<HEAD><TITLE>400 Bad Request</TITLE></HEAD>
<BODY BGCOLOR="#cc9999" TEXT="#000000" LINK="#2020ff" VLINK="#4040cc">
<H4>400 Bad Request</H4>
Can't parse request.
<ADDRESS><A HREF="http://www.dlink.com.cn">web server</A></ADDRESS>

and have to refresh to keep going.

I do not use any software as anti-virus.

If you need any additional information, please let me know! Help me this issue is driving me crazy;
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Re: Packet Loss with PPPoE
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2019, 07:18:56 AM »


Internet Service Provider and Modem Configurations
  • What ISP Modem Mfr. and model # do you have?

Have you checked connections with the DIR router removed from the mix and directly connect your PC to the ISP modem?
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