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Author Topic: Hate this camera with a passion  (Read 1829 times)


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Hate this camera with a passion
« on: October 26, 2019, 08:58:26 AM »

I wanted to upgrade my old 5222L to a newer model with a clearer picture.   Went with the 8525LH.  Guess it's my fault that I didn't read up on it before I purchased.  The picture is great,  but I HATE everything else about this camera.   I've read in this forum about other people's cameras randomly freezing up anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes.  Mine does the same.  No rhyme or reason for it.  The audio goes in and out constantly.  Doesn't matter what browser I use to watch it with.   And why in the holy hell would they force a time limit for watching the camera?  One faq/ support page says if you are on the same network as the camera, you don't time out.  BS.  I am absolutely connected to the same network on my laptop as the camera. I have my little man cave in the basement and I like to leave the camera on to keep an eye on the front porch.  Deliveries,  guests, kids arriving home from school etc. etc....  But if it manages to not freeze up, it still times out after 5 minutes.  Why why why would the developers do this?  Is there any way to work around this?  Do they have any plans to make changes to this?  I doubt I still have the receipt or box for this, but I would love to send this piece of crap back.  At least I didn't toss the old one out and am considering putting it back out front.  This camera is USELESS to me the way it operates.   Any advice would be greatly appreciated.   My apologies for the rant, but after only a couple of weeks of use I am ready to file this camera in the trash.


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Re: Hate this camera with a passion
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2019, 12:23:25 PM »

This camera is not viewable from a web browser.  If you are using mydlink.com (gen 2 portal), remember the video is going from your camera to the mydlink servers then back to your computer via Internet. If there are connection issues along the way there can be some skipping/freezing but it should be far and between with today's Internet speeds. Are you connected via Ethernet or WiFi. 

The DCS-8xxxLH series cameras are app-only and do not offer as many settings as the older models unfortunately. I have the 8000LH and 8010LH at home and do not have the freezing issues you are having. I have a couple of the 8525s still in the box so I will set up this week and send my complaints to the camera group.

Give tech support a call and see if they can help, or possibly offer an RMA and get a replacement camera. (USA only - 1-877-453-5465)

I will see if I can get an answer regarding the time-out when viewing remotely. I get about 2 minutes from the 8000LH camera.

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