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DIR-895L Difference between HW A1 and A3

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I just picked up one of these as a run out, it has a newer version of fw than what has been posted on this forum 1.21, Wed 18 Apr 2018, any idea on what if any changes were and the difference between HW v A1 and A3?


No idea. USA only saw A1 and our region has done EOL for the 895L.  :-\

Yer they are pretty much EOL here as well, but you can still buy them, I picked this one up for less than 1/3 of retail and less than 1/2 what they are currently selling for plus got a free wifi cam by redemption which retails at $199 so not a bad deal

Thats a awesome deal too. Ya, not sure of the Rev change. Any changes seen going from A1 to next rev means there was a HW change. No idea though.  :-\

This model is meant to have 1.4ghz processor I think, the A1 had a 1ghz didn't it? Reading the spec for this model it says 1ghz in some places and 1.4 in other.... ???


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