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DIR-895L Difference between HW A1 and A3

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no, 1.4Ghz for Rev A1: and

My 890L is 1Ghz.

Hardware change from A2 to A3:

1. Real panel wording changed from “Router/Extender" to “Router/AP", due to no full extender mode support from Broadcom.
2. Firmware is compatible with A1/A2, starting from v1.11.

Hardware change from A1 to A2:

1. BRCM internal silence drop in 4366 RF chipset from B1 to C0
2. Firmware backward compatible, starting from v1.11
3. FCC/CE Certification ID remain unchanged.
4. Complies with ErP Lot26: 2017

Rev A1 - A4 all use 1.4GHz CPU.

I bet Rev A3 is better than A1 was.  ::)


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