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Author Topic: Proper DGS-1100-10MP VLAN Configuration for AP (private and guest SSID) ?  (Read 2063 times)


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Hi, I need help to check if I have this properly setup as this could be related to the problems I'm facing of having the AP's disconnect or not accessible once in a while.

I have this switch and 8 x DAP-2610 access points.

On the AP's I setup corporate SSID with tagged VLAN 3 and guest with tagged VLAN 4 and both with respective PVID 3 and 4.
Managment VLAN is the default 1 but I have it tagged also.

The 8 ports of the switch that the AP's are connected have this setup:
VLAN Mode   Trunk
Native VLAN   1
Trunk Allowed VLAN   1, 3, 4,
Ingress Checking   Enabled
Acceptable Frame Type   Tagged Only

Them using the SFP ports I have port 10 for the corporate network connected to a normal unmanaged 24 port switch and from that switch to the router/firewall eth2 (subnet 192.168.1.x).
SFP port 9 is for guest network so it goes direct to eth3 of the router/firewall that provides a 10.0.0.x subnet for the guest wifi clients.
Router/firewall eth0 is WAN.

Corporate and guest ports are setup like this:
Port   eth9
VLAN Mode   Access
Access VLAN   4
Ingress Checking   Enabled
Acceptable Frame Type   Untagged Only

Port   eth10
VLAN Mode   Access
Access VLAN   1
Ingress Checking   Enabled
Acceptable Frame Type   Untagged Only

Now I have doubts on all the VLAN setup so I can isolate my corporate network from the guest and stop having this random not able to access AP 's problems.
Don't know if the Ingress Checking for all the switch ports should be on or off.
Also on the router/firewall I have strangely multiple identical lines for DHCP requests from the same AP on the 10.0.0.x subnet.

If anyone can point me on a more correct setup I'll appreciate and also if more detailed AP configuration is needed please ask.

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PVID is the untagged port VLAN.

On your switch ports to your access points set PVID 1 and add 3 and 4 as tagged.
On the APs set the SSIDs to the tagged VLANs, i.e. Guest ID 4, Corporate ID 3.
Links to firewall as access ports for the appropriate VLANs - Guest 4, Corporate 3.