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Author Topic: DGL-4100 and comcast how to network  (Read 3985 times)


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DGL-4100 and comcast how to network
« on: August 21, 2009, 02:36:08 PM »

I am rumming XP pro on four machines connected to a switch and then to a DSL modem.  Tomorrow Comcast is going to install thier tripple play and I attempt to convert to cable.   I am very nervous and could use help on Networking.  Comcast will install the thier hardware and hook up one PC.  ( I did not want to use them to set up the network)

I bought the DGL-4100 router to allow me to network.  I am under the impression that I need to set the router to "clone the mac address."  Then there is  a certain protocal of the order of connection.  Is that it or what advice can you add.  I would appreciate it very much. 

A second area of concern is four ports on the DGL-4100.  I have need for six ports.  The two extra are for a network printer and a linksys WRT54 router that I use for wireless.  How do you suggest hooking up these devices.  Thanks, Al 


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Re: DGL-4100 and comcast how to network
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2009, 01:40:25 PM »

Hi, I just had this setup installed.  Here's what I suggest.

1. Just let the techs install and hook up one of yr computers to the Comcast modem.
2. When they are gone, plug the WAN connection for the 4100 into the Comcast modem (I told em this was what I was going to do, they didn't care)
3. Reboot the Comcast modem (mine has a battery backup so I had to push a pen in the hole in the back -be careful not to press for too long as you may reset to factory settings, just a quick click worked for me)
4. Plug your computers into the 4100 LAN ports
5. If you need more ports, just buy a switch (I use NetG#$# GS108) and plug a network cable between a 4100 LAN port and the switch - then you can plug computers, printers, etc into any spare port on the switch or the 4100 and they will all get IP addresses via DHCP and talk to each other.

You should not need to clone the MAC address.

The 4100 should work on the stock settings unless you have VPN, webcams, servers etc.
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