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Setting up DIR-878 as access point

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OK, I figured out the problem. It WAS connecting to the internet all along. What confused me was the big "Internet Disconnected" warning [screenshot at: https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=BE13D9999B4763D1&id=BE13D9999B4763D1%212799&parId=BE13D9999B4763D1%21105&o=OneUp] on the admin home page.

Thanks for your assistance. Maybe D-Link could update firmware where you don't get "Internet Disconnected" warning when using in AP mode.

Yes, thats due to the fact that since your not using the WAN port on the router, the status marker for the WAN port will report it as being disconnected. Ya, would be kind of mis-leading. I should have mentioned that. You can dis-regard that status. Its only for the WAN port.

Enjoy.  ;)


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