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Setting up DIR-878 as access point

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I've done everything here http://forums.dlink.com/index.php?topic=40856.0 but can't connect to the internet. Where do you enter the gateway IP address?

* HW ver. A1
* FW ver. 1.00
* Region: US

Did you disable DHCP server on the 878?
Change the routers IP address from .0.1 to .0.87?

Yes and yes. Where do you set the ip address of the gateway?

Gateway is not needed when using LAN to LAN AP mode. Once you disable DCHP server and set the LAN and Subnet Mask, thats it.
Be sure to disable DNS Relay.
What is the LAN IP address set for? What is the LAN IP address pool string on your main host router?

If Gateway isn't needed, why do my ASUS router and Linksys routers both require the gateway IP address? DNS relay is disabled and still no internet connection. DIR-878 LAN IP is xxx.xxx.1.86. DHCP address pool on main router is xxx.xxx.1.xx thru xxx.xxx.1.86.


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