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Author Topic: Resolution, view agle and image detail - 960, 2332 and 933 comparison  (Read 2761 times)


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In another post I mentioned that I had DCS-933L, DCS-2332L and now DCS-960L on the same spot. It is interesting to note how the images from these cameras compare. As expected, when the view angle becomes wider and the same resolution then the level of detail goes down.

This is what I see when going from 2332 to 960. The latter with its 180 degree view angle needs to pack into the 1280x720 frame more than twice the amount of information than 2332.

Below are three comparison fragments of the same view. 2332's fragment is 419x408, 960's is 174x176 and 933 is 271x271.The level of detail of 960, while being smaller, is only a little higher than that of 933. 2332 is definitely the winner. :) The distance to the hedge is about 10m.


When I chose 960L over 2332L, it was for two reasons: 1) I needed a wider view angle without caring too much about the finer detail at the distance - the objects close to the camera are more important, and 2) I needed a 5GHz radio, trying to free up the too crowded 2.4GHz band.

As an aside, the winner for the image quality would be DCS-2630L - wide angle, 1080p resolution and a 3MP sensor to actually be able to handle the level of detail.

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