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NAS DLINK DNS-320L My Surveillance Database not compatible with DCS-936L

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I've send a support email for the DCS-936L. They must add newer cameras in My Surveillance database. Now only version 2.06 (2015) they should be able to update on 2.07  with all 2016-17 models. I cross fingers, because i purchase my NAS for that used last year, cost me 400$ on hard drive + 120 for the NAS, took a year to build it and now purchased my new camera 720P because my old DSC-931L is not Night Vision.

Let us know what you find out.

No problem. For now, it's only questions that i already answered that they asked me.  ::)

Keep us posted on any updates with support.  ;)

No reply today, so weekend will be long. I can't really use my NAS with the new camera i bough.  :-\


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