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Author Topic: New XBox 360 is killing DGL4500 network connection  (Read 2386 times)


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New XBox 360 is killing DGL4500 network connection
« on: July 18, 2009, 08:20:18 AM »

Network setup is CM100 cable modem to a DGL-45000 running 1.20 in 8.201n 5gz mode, hooked up to windows home server on one port and a 802.1b netgear in bridge mode one one port (hp printer in one of the netgear ports), and a trend micro ghz unmanaged switch on the other port (with xbox , ps3, and 3 vista hp pc's and a sony blueray player on theses ports).  after playing online for a short while i loose connection on the WAN side of the router.  I can type and log into the router but cant get to the cable modem and all new web pages time out.  If i then unplug the xbox and wait 2 minutes all the connections comeback online and the internet is accessable. I noticed that the light on the trend switch the port blinks so fast it almost looks steady. I replaced the router, cable modem and the Cat6 wire still have the same issue. I've disable upnp and "users can disable internet access" on the modem, SPI firewall on and off, game fuel on and off,even tryed limited priorty in gamefuel to that ip. no help 

This has to be an xbox Side issue but I don't know jack about that system. and it did'nt happen when we first got ita few  month ago.