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Author Topic: Add-on "BitTorrent Sync 2.3.8 (460)" for D-Link NAS  (Read 2838 times)


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Add-on "BitTorrent Sync 2.3.8 (460)" for D-Link NAS
« on: July 20, 2016, 11:43:44 AM »

[Add-on] BitTorrent Sync 2.3.8 (460)

BitTorrent Sync by BitTorrent, Inc is a proprietary peer-to-peer file synchronization tool available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BSD. It can sync files between devices on a local network, or between remote devices over the Internet via secure, distributed P2P technology.

[Sync Help Center]

Add-on Package v1.12
The COM version.


[Download link]

Website https://getsync.com/
BitTorrent Sync Forum https://forum.resilio.com/
Other Add-ons http://dlink.vtverdohleb.org.ua/Add-On/

Download and install the BitTorrent Sync Add-On.
Click the link for the BitTorrent Sync web interface and configure it.

P.S. In the transition between versions I encountered a problem: the web interface gave an error. I solved the problem by removing the cookies to IP NAS from a browser.
Add-on Application questions and issues, please include the following minimal information in your post:
* ShareCenter Model
* Add-on Name
* Add-on Version
* Detailed Description of your Issue
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Re: Add-on "BitTorrent Sync 2.3.8 (460)" for D-Link NAS
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2016, 02:25:05 PM »

* [ShareCenter Model] DNS-325 firmware 1.05b05  - DLINK_DNS325.1.05b05(1.24.0519.2015).fw
* [Add-on Name] BitTorrent Sync 2.3.8 (460)  - DNS-325 BitTorrentSync Package v1.12_07202016_COM
* [Add-on Version] 2.3.8
* [Detailed Description of your Issue] Add-on prevent harddisk power save

I installed this version of sync (exactly the version is 2.3.8(560)), but now my NAS (a DNS-325 fw 1.5b5) don't put harddisks in sleep mode.
I also changed the power user configurations as suggested, but nothing changed....
For avoid external influences I also unplugged the ethernet cable for isolate the NAS. Nothing changed.

Only stopping the Add-on permit hardisks to spin-down (power save mode or sleep)

Configuration changed from defaults are:

folder_rescan_interval = 18000
send_statistics = false
config_refresh_interval = 18000
config_save_interval = 18000
enable_journaling = false

Please give me a solution.....

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