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i had the same problem and searched over a week what was wrong.

i did a clean windows 10 install and the problem already cameup during the installation.

so i formatted the disk and installed windows lan and netgear router works perfectly. (i had to copy 5tb data to a new nas)


then i reinstalled windows 10 and the connection problem started again


the problem ist not netgear it is windows 10, which many people complain about


google "windows 10 lan problems"


the windows 10 lan drivers are faulty, get the newest one, in my case it was broadcom

Seems to be alot of problems with Windows 10. User might also disable the update broadcast to all devices from with in Windows 10 as well. Heard this can cause problems too.

Users might try a different NIC adapter as well, i.e. Realtek or Intel to see if one of these Mfrs may help.
Or go back to Windows 7.  ::)

Using Win10 in all my PCs here, no disconnections at all.
Also, update the FW to 1.07b06 version, very stable FW.

Glad it's working. Enjoy.


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