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Hello to all
Since yesterday we have several problems with the sharecenter dns 327L
We have a local netowrk here ( 1 server - 4 pc's windows 7 and 3 pc's windows xp).
We bought the nas before 1 year and this is the first time we have this kind of problem.
We have 2 disks (2TB each) in mirror and we share a folder which contains files , images , pdf etc
Since yesterday we have every 5-6 minutes an automated unmount in all computers . After 1 minute the shared folder works again.
I entered to the webif of the nas to see the logs , but the logs are the same the last months. I see no strange logs .
I changed yesterday the utp cable and the switch but the problem remains.
Also i want to inform you about something strange
During the time of disconnections i can enter to the webif and make a ping to the nas.


* What Hardware version is your DNS? Look at the sticker behind or under the device.
* Link>What Firmware version is currently loaded? Found on the DNSs web page under status.
* What region are you located?
What Mfr and model is the main host router?
Is the DNS getting a Dynamic IP address from the main host router? I recommend using a Static IP address ON the DNS set to 192.168.#.37.
Swap out LAN cables. Link> Cat6 is recommended.

PC 3rd Party Security Software Configurations

* Turn off all anti virus and firewall programs on PC while testing.

A few questions.

1) what operating system is your server using?
2) do you gave GWX switched off on your win7 PCs?  It could be that the Microsoft forced update from win7 to win10 is causing a problem.
3) have you run a test using just the winXP computers (win7 computers either switched off or disconnected from the network)?
4) have you run a test with the server disconnected from the network?
5) what do the server logs say about the network disconnect?
6) if you use a managed switch what do its logs say?
7) does you firewall log show ant outside activity during or just before the shutdown happens?

The above should be enough to start you tracking down the cause of the problem.  In all the years we, and our clients, have used D-Link NAS boxes we have never seen a NAS be responsible for shutting down the network even with network attached UPS.

When there is the disconnect can you open the webUI using http://192.168.xxx.yyy (with xxx.yyy being part of the fixed IP address of the NAS) and log in?

The current options of the DNS Sharecenter are the following
Current NAS Firmware Version   
Current Microprocessor Firmware Version   
Firmware Date   

The DNS uses a static ip
The server using a Windows 2003 server OS
1 pc has windows 10 (the last 5 months)
The network works fine when the DNS disconnected
I do not use a managed switch

I spoke earlier with a friend and he told me to do a firmware upgrade.

Updating the firmware MIGHT solve the problem, just make sure you have a full tested backup of the data on the NAS before you do the update.

The experience we have here is that win 10 is most probably the root of your problem.  One of our clients allowed win 10 to 'update' one of their win7 machines and not long after that they started having problems on the network whenever anyone accessed the HP Storage Array or any of the backup NAS boxes.  My on-site technician removed the win 10 computer from the network and everything went back to normal.  We have since changed all the computers there to run Linux (they already had two Linux based servers) and they run the one win based program there isn't a Linux equivalent for in a VM.

I am not saying it is your problem but be aware that it can and does happen.  I assume you are aware of the way win 10 transmits your data to microsoft.


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