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Author Topic: Saved Video Quality vs. Software (MyDLink, D-ViewCam)  (Read 1881 times)


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Saved Video Quality vs. Software (MyDLink, D-ViewCam)
« on: June 13, 2015, 11:17:36 AM »

I wish there was some actual documentation on all of this D-link stuff.  It's about the hardest equipment to understand I have ever worked with.

For the point of this thread, I'm ONLY interested in the saved (i.e. recorded video).

To save my videos, I have
1) SD (for direct saving)
2) external hard drive (for use with D-ViewCam)
3) and have a D-Link DNR-312L (for use with built in NVR server)

To use my cameras, I have the option of:

1) Direct connection, to the built in web server (i.e.
2) Using MyD-Link (i.e. http://mydlink.com/)
3) Using D-ViewCam (PC program)
4) Using direct connection to my NVR (

Regarding the storage, and configurations, I have some questions:
1) Are the configurations, for bit rate, frame size, etc, only relevant, for rendering the viewed live video or internet?
2) Or to put it another way, are my videos always saved (to storage media), at the highest resolution possible?
3) Or is the quality of the saved video merely the same as what I see when I view it live?
4) Does the video quality change, depending on the recording media?  That is, is SD the same resolution as what would be saved by D-ViewCam, on an external hard drive.
5) I got the DNR-312L, so that I can have recorded video, without worrying about running out of SD space, or using my PC hard drive.  Is that video any different quality than SD or external drive.

On top of this, every program has settings for video quality.  Are they separate and apart from what is set in the camera.  OR do all these other programs, just work with the same camera settings, inside the cameras.

My problem in configuring this is how to set the cameras so that the recorded video is the best.  I really don't care what the live viewing or streaming quality looks like.  It's the recorded video that is most important.  I do NOT want to sacrifice recorded video quality, to have acceptable streaming quality.  Can anyone help with this problem?  The documentation is virtually (actually) non-existent on this point.
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Re: Saved Video Quality vs. Software (MyDLink, D-ViewCam)
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2015, 06:42:42 AM »

Whatever you have set up for the profiles is generally used.
So choose the best profile.

I haven't used an nvr type device but I would expect some data loss and/or conversion loss as its recording from a steam. I hope some one can quantify.


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Re: Saved Video Quality vs. Software (MyDLink, D-ViewCam)
« Reply #2 on: June 18, 2015, 09:30:50 AM »

So here's my problem.  I guess I could test and verify.

Profile 1: best resolution
Profile 2: lower resolution

In my EVENTS, I can select a profile, for my video. Say I select Profile 1, to record best video.  I guess that would mean that that's what's recorded.  Fine.

But there is also a way to select profile, while viewing.  Say I switch between profile 1 and profile 2, to get a faster download.  Quality suffers but I don't care, as far as viewing goes.  Does that change the quality of the recorded video, or is the recorded video still using profile 1?