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Author Topic: Should these work?  (Read 1185 times)


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Should these work?
« on: June 06, 2015, 07:34:55 AM »

I have a DCS-5222BL1.  Connecting to the camera works perfectly.  But the software and controls seem to be only partially functional.  I have the latest version of firmware (2.03.1).

1) There doesn't seem to be any way to initiate a record.  Is there a REC button somewhere, that should force recording to SD?  The "scheduled" recording works but I can't record any other way.  Is there any "manual" way to initiate a recording?

I do see a recording icon below my D-Link browser window, when using the direct connection (I.e. not through mydlink web site.  And when I click it, the first time, it says I need to select a folder to save to.  I do that, then click record, but nothing is ever saved. So  that appears not to work.

2 Shouldn't the zoom position be saved with the presets?  I can save the pan/tilt in a preset but the zoom position isn't saved.  Is that normal?

3) Is there a way to make a repeating list of presets.  So that the camera will continuously cycle through a list of presets.  I can make one list but it only cycles 1 time.  Any way to make it continuous?

4) From D-Link, there is no way to initiate a preset scan list.  Only auto.  How does one initiate a "preset" list scan?

5) Zoom range - Is there a way to zoom less than the steps using the control.  It's very useless.  I can be wide or zoomed way in.  I just need to zoom a little.  Seems that I can either be wide or telephoto zoom.  No slight zooming.

6) In MyDlink, when I click a recorded video, to view it, using firefox, I get a popup saying that it requires a media player firefox plugin is required to view the content.  The plugin is actually installed. But just to be sure, I clicked the link again to install it.  But I don't see the addon, in the list.  But it installed fine.  Just not visible in firefox.  Still won't play the video, in the dlink browser window.  Suggestions for getting this to work?

7) Also, is there a way to limit what it sends by email?  I won't really care to get log files or other files. I only want a video file (or picture).

BTW, what is the best software for accessing and controlling one or more of these cameras.  MyDlink seems limited and the internal server page is pretty good but I'd like to have one software that can display one or more camera data and have better control than what I've seen with the D-Link software.

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