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Hi guys I just buy the new 935L.
I have one 933L and 825L already.
I set up the wifi and motion parameter directly from webGUI with success.
I really like the HD definition of the image, also in night mode is very impressive.
The only difference that I don't like is that the camera send 6 different email with one pic after a motion detection.
The other camera send only one email with 6 pics.
Waiting for some comments from you.


Thanks for your feedback! These cameras have come a long way in terms of the picture quality. I started with the DCS-932L and each new generation has markedly improved image quality.

I am currently using Logitech Alert camera system (now discontinued).  I purchased this camera recently and love the video quality and ease of setup.  Questions i have are:

1. How can i record video? I see Dlink has the DNR-202LNetwork Video Recorded, but this device does not appear to be supported yet. Have an ETA?

2.  When i'm using the IP Cam Viewer App for Android to view my camera, it asks for my username/password for the camera. I tried the username/password for the www.mydlink.com  and that didn't work.  I tried the SSID and the password on the Quickstart Card, that didn't work either.  Any guesses?

Sreen quality is decent across my various iPhone and Android devices. However, when i use Internet Explorer to go to www.mydlink.com   the picture quality is terrible and extremely pixelated. In HD mode quality doesn't improve at all, just simply makes the video slightly bigger...

OS: Winblows 8.1
I'm using IE version 11.0.9600.17801
Java Version 8 Update 45

is the screen quality the same as IE if you try FF?


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