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First impression

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Just tried Firefox, same results.  Video's in both browsers are pixelated the same ways...

Can you post a picture of what the video looks like in the browser and from one of your phones?
>Adding Screenshots In A Post

Screen shot from my Samsung Galaxy S4

Video of my PC screen using my Galaxy S4 as a camera.  Used both Internet Explorer and Firefox on this video, but both have same results.  Same result between my home computer running windows 8.1 and my office computer running WIndows 7.  After clicking on Youtube link, change video settings to 1080P and blow up to full screeen:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKizkLvAfFg

Can you hit the PRNT SCRN button while you have the browser open on the mydlink page, then post that capture here? Maximize the video picture then hit PRNT SCRN a couple of times, save the capture in Paint. Save to a file then upload to your picture site to get the URL.

Kind of hard to tell 2nd hand from the video using your phone. I think I can tell there is some bad quality though.

Here you go:


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