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Author Topic: DGS-1248T: Trunking.. is LACP or 802.3ad possible?  (Read 2432 times)


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DGS-1248T: Trunking.. is LACP or 802.3ad possible?
« on: February 11, 2015, 12:23:25 AM »

I am the owner of a DGS-1248T. I purchased this for use in a lab/student environment. After scouring the owners manual, I was unsatisfied w the description of the Trunking feature, which is why I am resorting to posting on this support forum in hopes of finding more information.

From the description in the owners manual (P 24):

Trunking Setting: the trunk function enables the Switch to cascade two or more devices with larger bandwidths.

Can anyone elaborate on what exactly is meant by two or more devices? Does this mean two or more ports? Or two or more switches? Is this trunking feature meant to trunk groups of switches? Or would I be able to use LACP functionality with this option?

In my environment, I have several Linux servers (running Slackware 14.1 x86_64 kernel: 3.10.56), w/ multiple Intel e1000e interfaces. I am hoping to employ the Linux Bonding driver and use 802.3ad functionality so I may link multiple interfaces for increased bandwidth.

From the description of the trunk setting, it sounds as if this is exactly what it enables. I have read on LinuxQuestions.org that certain users have been able to use the linux channel bonding driver w/ the DGS-1248T (although not specifically /w mode:4-- 802.3ad).

From my understanding, the trunking feature present in the DGS-1248T is a proprietary (DLink), implementation which predates the 802.3ad specification. I'm simply curious if it is possible to use this as a LACP feature.

I am resorting to this forum because I am having limited success using the Trunk setting in conjunction w/ the Linux Bonding Driver (via 802.3ad). Note: I have yet to test the other modes.. I will make it a point to test weather any of the other modes are operational w/ the trunk setting. My guess is because 802.3ad may not be working because, its not a feature supported on this switch. In which case it may be possible to use the other modes of the linux bonding driver in conjunction w/ trunking enabled in the DGS-1248T, just w/o support for 802.3ad.

I am curious, from either the DLink support staff or any other owners/users of the DGS-1248T, if anyone has had any success using this in conjunction w/ the linux channel bonding driver, and if so which modes you used in your environment/network.