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Author Topic: Custom folders when storing files on SD Card, & ability to mass download files  (Read 1841 times)


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Hi - It was confirmed to me via DLink email support that there is no way to change the folders/paths that are used when saving files to the SD Card.  I was hoping to do a still picture time lapse of a backyard remodeling project by taking 4 pictures per hour during the construction period.  Unfortunately, for me to get to and download all the pictures at the end of the project, I would have to go into hundreds of different folders and manually save them one by one. 

The default folder system is by type (Picture or Video) / Date / Hour /   So my setup would have 4 files in each "Hour" subfolder.  It would be great if we could control what is used, and for instance, I could put all the files in just the "Picture" folder. 

Also, having the ability to select multiple files and save them all to my computer at once would be awesome!   I suppose I could remove the SD from the camera and get to the files some other method that may be faster, but it would be very inconvenient to do it this way.

Anyways, maybe some developers might read this and include this option in a future Firmware version!   :)



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Install an ftp client on your computer, such as FileZilla. Configure an account in the ftp client, and specify your target directory for the account. Configure the 2330L using Event Setup to write snapshots to your computer using ftp, using the ftp account setup on the computer. In the camera setup, add an auto prefix to the filenames if you wish. All the snapshots over time will be written to the single target directory. I am doing so with a 2330L, so this is confirmed. Some other D-Link cameras do indeed insist on creating a different FTP directory for every hour, but not the 2330L.

If you don't want to do that, use D-ViewCam to record motion events to your hard drive. Schedule the camera (in D-ViewCam), alternatively, to simply record non-stop during the work day, each day (say, M-F). When done, export the videos from D-ViewCam, import into MS Windows Live MovieMaker, or other video editor of your choice. Then configure the movie to run at high speed, and output as a compressed short movie.

If you are stuck or otherwise set on using the SD card, in the end, it is simple to pull it out, plug it into your computer, and copy the directories to your hard drive. Simple, that is, compared to the painful D-Link method of manual downloads directly from the camera. Then use a file manager (such as FreeCommander) that allows viewing of all files in the current directory and subdirectories in one list. Highlight all the files in the list, and copy all of your snapshots to a single directory of your choice. But be warned - assembling all those files properly to produce a movie is a lot of work. It's easier to go with video. As seen elsewhere on this board, be sure you understand how much memory is used in the SD card, and if cycling is really working (in which case you will lose older snapshots or video).
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