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Author Topic: Invalid "motion" detected on activation or mode change  (Read 1737 times)


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Invalid "motion" detected on activation or mode change
« on: August 08, 2014, 10:47:41 PM »

I've noticed an issue with motion detection on both DSC-930L and DSC-932L.  I sent in a suggestion and was hoping to gain some traction for this issue in this forum as well.  I tried searching to see if others had the issue, but the search function is a bit too broad to work well.

I have 4 cameras set up and use the "DLink 932L Settings" android app coupled with the Llama android app to automatically enable motion detection when I leave my house or when I go to sleep and disable it at the appropriate times.

I have noticed that every time motion detection is turned on I immediately get an email.  After some playing around I have concluded that the cameras keep copies of images in their memory from the last time motion detection was turned on and so when it is turned on again the firmware "detects" motion when comparing the current image to that cached one.

This is also an issue when the camera automatically switches between day and night mode.  Obviously the images look very different in the two modes, and the firmware detects this change as motion.

It would be great if the firmware would clear the image cache every time motion detection is enabled, and also every time the mode changes.  Or when the mode changes simply start naming the cached images with the mode they were taken in so a comparison is not made between modes, although I suspect the first idea would be easier to implement.
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Re: Invalid "motion" detected on activation or mode change
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2014, 05:37:14 AM »

I have noticed the same. Sometimes the motion detection activation itself does not trigger an alarm, in fact not too often. Perhaps my guard area looks same enough most of the time?

But I just recently started getting alerts from day-night shift. And this happens now on every cycle. Even cloud variance may trigger it, even if the camera is in well protected area, not close to windows. The strange thing in my case is that the camera has NOT been switching day-night mode, even when tested with flashlight direclty at the camera. Switching started just recentely, almost after a year of use. And now I get an alert from each mode switch.
If an update would disable (and reset) the motion detection buffer when a mode switch happens. Of course this would need some proofing, so that a flashlight would not allow entry to detection area...

I had also a 2123, and it was better with PIR detection, and more smart (?) motion detection. However that unit was defective and blind in darkness.