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Author Topic: Router consumes lots of bandwidth.  (Read 1317 times)


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Router consumes lots of bandwidth.
« on: July 11, 2014, 05:36:48 AM »

I have purchased Wireless N 300 ADSL2+ Modem Router of Dlink on 15-Aug-2012.
After replacing my existing router with new one, I have observed that there is considerably rise in my broadband bill.

- I have a broadband plan of BSNL with, 1.5 GB monthly limit and nightly usage unlimited from (2 AM - 8 AM)
- I am using this plan for last 7-8 yrs.
- I used to keep my computer on hibernate mode, which wakes up at 2 AM and starts downloading till 8 AM, after that it automatically shuts down.
- To connect to internet I am using user name and password provided by the service provider.
- I have configured DLink Wi-Fi router as password protected. And also provided my service provider user name password while configuring the Wi-Fi router. Hence, whenever I power up the router, it automatically connects to the internet without starting the computer or without external intervention.

- When I observed the internet usage activity, I found that there is huge usage of internet between 10 PM to  2 AM (around 200 MB+).
- Around 10 PM, I keeps computer on hibernate mode and power up the wi-fi router before sleeping.
- My concern is that, why wi-fi router eats up that much bandwidth when there are no machine or application active in this time.

First my doubt is with service providers billing calculation but after long observation I reached at conclusion that Wi-Fi router consumes lots of bandwidth.

Is there any settings am I missing? Is there any tool or log where I can see where bandwidth consumes.

I have emailed this query to "helpdesk@dlink.co.in", but I haven't got any reply.


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Re: Router consumes lots of bandwidth.
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2014, 07:55:36 AM »


  • What Hardware version is your modem? Look at sticker under modem.
  • Link>What Firmware version is currently loaded? Found on the modems web page under status.
  • What region are you located?
  • Are you wired or wireless connected to the router?
  • Has a Factory Reset been performed?

Can you confirm the model of this D-Link product please?
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