• May 26, 2020, 10:55:18 AM
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Author Topic: No connection to camera outside of WLAN on TinyCam Monitor, but D-Link app works  (Read 3807 times)


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Hi guys,

I already posted this in the DSC-5222L forum but I was told to post this in this board, too.

I have a big problem with my DCS-5222L. I tried EVERYTHING I can find on Google and in various manuals, but nothing works.

Here's my problem:
Everything works fine when I'm in the same WIFI as the camera, but if I want to watch it from home it always says that there's no connection.
I am using the TinyCam Monitor App on my Samsung Smartphone and a DNS adress from dlinkddns.com.
Everything works with the official D-Link+ App, but I have another camera from another manufacturer, so want both cameras in the same app.
The Hostname and password settings are right everywhere (so says google, manuals and the customer service). I enabled port forwarding and DNS on my router with the IP from the cam and so on, everything I could look up is in shape. I entered the IP adress from my cam in the dlinkddns.com account.

So the question is, why does it work with the D-Link App, but not with the TinyCam Monitor? Is there something wrong with my DNS adress or the settings on the dlinkddns page (there aren't many options...).

I don't know much about DNS or cameras so if you need any more details, feel free to ask. I'm thinking about sending the camera back because nobody else could help and it's pretty useless if you have a cam in your office which you can't watch when you're at home.

Thanks very much in advance!


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Try to use another dyndns service or specify external IP address directly in the app.

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