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Firmware 1.04 QoS Mod - Finally!

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Ok, will give this a go this weekend and see.

What code is exactly changed. Please feel free to post.

Thanks for doing this and sharing.

I'll recommend that users seeing this be aware that this is not a official release of FW and is not supported by D-Link and may invalidate any warranties users may have on the router. This is a un-supported modification.
If users choose to try this, please use the FW Update Process.

It is the same change as i did on the 1.0 firmware. the thread must be somewhere here.

--- Code: ---if [ $RATEEST_RETURN_VALUE -ne "0" ] ; then
echo Rate estimation failed - streamengine shaper will not start
# If the detected speed is > 2000000 (2mbps) then we disable the shaper.
#  - we assume there is enough upstream bandwidth so as not to need a shaper
TX_RATE_BPS=$(cat /sys/devices/system/ubicom_streamengine/ubicom_streamengine0/ubicom_streamengine_calculated_rate)
if [ $TX_RATE_BPS -gt 2000000 ] ; then
cp -rf /sys/devices/system/ubicom_streamengine/ubicom_streamengine0/ubicom_streamengine_calculated_rate /var/tmp/ubicom_streamengine_calculated_rate.tmp
echo Streamengine shaper disabled: WAN speed greater than 2mbps detected
# Enable shaper with optional dynamic fragmentation
#config_get DYN_FRAG_ENABLED streamengine qos_dyn_fragmentation
DYN_FRAG_ENABLED=$(nvram get qos_dyn_fragmentation | cut -c25- -)
/etc/init.d/se_shaper_set $DYN_FRAG_ENABLED auto
--- End code ---

just change the part

if [ $TX_RATE_BPS -gt 2000000 ] ; then

to some higher value. in this case 2000000 to 20000000

and then change the check in the adv_qos.asp. basically the them from 2048 to 20480.
im to lazy to boot the vm up again to post the exact code.
i will do it later. im tired and going to bed now ;)

Awesome. I think I moved it into the Archives. I know theres a DIR-645 that someone did a mod on as well for L2TP connections.

I'll give this a go and report findings as I'm on a 3Mb uplink now with my ISP.

Have a good night.  ;)

Ok so I uploaded the mod file:
It's seeing my 3Mb Uplink speed when TS is enabled and set for Automatic:
Enable Traffic Shaping :     
Automatic Uplink Speed :     
Measured Uplink Speed :   3371 kbps 

ISP speeds look good too, however the uplink test drops from 3Mb to 2.5~2.4Mb during testing. This could be that it's during peak hours now here:
Last Result:
Download Speed: 52422 kbps (6552.8 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 2462 kbps (307.8 KB/sec transfer rate)
‎2‎/‎7‎/‎2014‎ ‎5‎:‎26‎:‎08‎ ‎PM

Will be playing xbox tonite with 2 boxes gaming. Will see how it works.

I have 5Mbit Upload and set the Upload Speed for QoS to 5120.
On speedtests i get around ~ 4,8 Mbit. Seems fine for me.
Some upload gets lost by overhead and maybe the qos engine is also limiting it further to have some headroom. I know from other QoS Setup that Upload limit should be set to ~90 % of the total upload speed.
Maybe the engine is doind that internally dunno.

I think your are on cable right? As you said it can be possible that on peak hours that you dont get your maxiumum speeds, cause cable is shared medium.

anyways for my quick test its running fine. lets see how it goes.


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