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Firmware 1.04 QoS Mod - Finally!

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hey guys!
i finally managed to modify the 1.04 firmware to allow QoS on more then 2Mbit Upload. (Raised to 20mbit)


Use at your own risk im not responsible for any bricked devices.

If you where brave enough to test, please share your experience.

I posted these files on my google drive for users to download:
Firmware 1.04 QoS Mod

DIR-655 Rev B Only:
Firmware v2.11 QoS Mod

Please follow this for applying FW updates: Link> >FW Update Process


How did you effect this? Is this built on NA region FW or EU region FW?

Thanks for sharing...I Might give this a go if this is on NA FW.

I used the 1.0 Source/Toolkit.
Extracted the files from 1.04 firmware.

In the Source there are two folders. One for the romfs and one for vendor specific files.
replaced every file in both folders with the files from 1.04.

Run a make romfs and make image to get the bin.

It is based on the 1.04b9 from DLink CA Site. Hower the eu 1.04 firmware is the same. (Same Hash)

Awesome, I'll give this a go...What did you change to effect the 2Mb Uplink cap?

Curious, would you be able to do this for the DIR-827 and 657 maybe?  ???

I just changed the script that initializes the QoS Engine and the QoS Webpage to allow higher Upload.

I guess that should be possible also for other devices.

But first this needs good testing if there is any negative impact.
Please also report how it is working for you.


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