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Author Topic: DCS-5020L - Cumulative Firmware Release Notes  (Read 8072 times)


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DCS-5020L - Cumulative Firmware Release Notes
« on: December 04, 2013, 08:16:25 AM »

DCS-5020L Cumulative Firmware Release Notes

Firmware: 1.06b01 - Date: 2/6/2015

  • [New Feature] New mydlink agent 2.0.18-b66
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed issue where device would not respond properly to portal commands under relay mode

Firmware: 1.05b08 - Date: 01/29/2015

  • [New Feature] New mydlink agent 2.0.18-b62
  • [New Feature] Remove SSL, change to support TLS

Firmware: 1.04b08 - Date: 10/03/2014

  • [New Feature] Mydlink agent updated to v2.0.18-b13
  • [New Feature] Changed DynDNS items in DDNS to reflect new DynDNS policies.
  • [New Feature] Adjustments to comply with EN300.328 1.8.1 wireless regulations
  • [New Feature] Allows name change display in OSD
  • [New Feature] Improved NIPCA support for the following commands: "/config/notify_stream.cgi and /users/notify_stream.cgi", "/config/portal_info.cgi" and "/common/info.cgi for hw_version parameter"
  • [New Feature] Improved handling of symbols in /sitesurvey.cgi, /wireless.cgi and /iwireless.cgi.
  • [New Feature] Security enhancements
  • [Bug Fix] Resolved NTP Time Synchronization failure on restart when using PPPoE
  • [Bug Fix] Resolved issue where IR-Cut filter flips continuously under “Always Day Mode” in certain situations.
  • [Known Error] Use of continuous snapshot upload to FTP feature will cause overload in system and ultimately system reboot. This is exacerbated by increasing the number of snapshots per second required. Feature will be revised in future release

Firmware: 1.03b08 - Date: 01/22/2014

  • [New Feature] New mydlink agent 2.0.17-b40
  • [New Feature] Change the default FTP to passive mode
  • [New Feature] Support Win8.1 + IE11
  • [New Feature] Change WPS led on 10 seconds after WPS succeed
  • [New Feature] Change LANDAP protocol’s password length to 0 – 32 characters
  • [New Feature] Support Java 7 Update 51
  • [New Feature] SSL Certificate will be automatically self signed (regenerated) during initial configuration/factory reset
  • [Bug Fix] Adjust sensor settings for sometimes video flash issue
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed sometimes incorrect ICR control
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed Lens move left/right/up/down incorrect from mydlink portal/app when mirror/flip is enabled
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed sometimes bad frame issue
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed mydlink event (sound detection) timing issue

Firmware: 1.02b05 - Date: 09/25/2013

  • [New Feature] Update mydlink agent to v2.0.17-b28
  • [New Feature] Add user can configure interval setting for motion/sound detection of mail/ftp
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed schedule time of motion detection/sound detection incorrect issue when start time > end time
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed h.264 streaming issue tested on ios6
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed IP task will be restarted issue on DHCP renew time
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed OSD disappear issue
  • [Bug Fix] NTP source port change to port 123
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed bad frame issue sometimes which cause false motion detection alarm
  • [Known Issue] When use accesses the device by mobile APPs or mydlink portal, the Pan/Tilt function would operate in opposite direction if the flip or mirror function is enabled
  • [Known Issue] [Proxy View] The Non-IE browser would display [Load h264dec library failure] when using PPPoE address to view the camera H.264 live streaming on proxy test environment, because java cannot support proxy
  • [Known Issue] When the camera is operating under the dim environment, the frame rate will drop under 15fps automatically to increase the video quality. This will reduce the total number of snapshot sending to FTP server rather than at the high rate in the FTP snapshot setting
  • [Known Issue] Sometimes having “LAG” issue while viewing the 160x112 live video feed

Firmware: 1.01b02 - Date: 05/28/2013

  • [New Feature] Update mydlink agent to v2.0.17-b06
  • [New Feature] Update h.264 Activex to v1.0.0.12
  • [New Feature]  Only allow 0-9, a-z, A-Z, “.”, “-“, “_” as the user account name
  • [Bug Fix] Fix the problem that mydlink Agent will run twice when the camera is connecting to DIR-850L using WPS Push button
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed OSD color issue
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed the direction of P/T control panel incorrect issue when Flip/Mirror enabled
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