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Author Topic: 930l poor video quality and low frame rate  (Read 4620 times)


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930l poor video quality and low frame rate
« on: October 30, 2013, 12:02:48 AM »

hi everyone, using a 930l and dir-632 router and am having so much trouble getting decent performance out of multiple computers and laptops all running windows7 32 bit. 1st of all playback on firefox and even internet explorer is very iffy, some computers cant get a picture or just shows a blank box where the live video is coming thru or doesn't even show anything. i have updated all machines to the most current version of java along with updates for all firefox software and IE9 but still get a picture on some machines and nothing at all on others; completely frustrating

with viewing thru and iphone5 and 4s usinf the my dlink lite app, video is more reliable but often loses signal, has very choppy frame rate and is of ****py quality. what settings should i have in place on my camera? do i need to log into it view webinterface on mydlink.com or log into the cam directly using its ip address? for instance, when logged into the camera under about setup/live video/ do i tick off ActiveX or Java? right now nothing is selected and its defaulted to 320x240 resolution but still gives me very poor fps over 25gb high speed internet. what other settings should i tick off in order to produce smooth real time video playback over wifi or thru the iphones?? ive upgraded the phones firmware to 1.08b4 i think its called and the latest installer but playback is very  or doesnt happen on most of my browsers. what settings should my router have on?   

any hints and suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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Re: 930l poor video quality and low frame rate
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2013, 07:15:08 PM »

How is the DCS-930L connected to the router?  Is this a hardwired internet connection, or are you connected via wifi?  A weak signal on any wireless connection, either Wifi to your router, or a weak or overloaded 3G or 4G connection to your iphone may result in poor or choppy video.

I'd start by using a wired connection from camera to router, and router to computer (connecting to the camera via its IP address, not mydilnk).  This will be the most reliable connection and should produce reasonably good video (however, it may still not be quite as smooth as TV quality), and show you what the camera should do if you have good connections.

A weak wifi connection between camera and router may produce poor video with a low frame rate on all your devices.  First, try the camera on wifi with it near the router, with no walls etc. in between.  Then, try your camera where you want it installed.  If the quality is worse, and there are walls or other objects in between, they may be degrading the signal.  You could have something in the walls, like metal, or foil faced insulation, that's blocking the signal.

I have 2 of these cameras.  I had to move one of them from where I first placed it, because it didn't seem to be getting a good wifi signal at that location.