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Author Topic: Mobile Cameras?  (Read 3252 times)


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Mobile Cameras?
« on: June 24, 2013, 04:26:12 PM »

If i am posting this question in the wrong place I apologize ahead of time, there are so many board choices.....i felt kinda lost.

But my question is about buses. Is there a D'link camera/ setup that would work on multiple buses while on the move?


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Re: Mobile Cameras?
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2013, 08:42:47 PM »

Not sure what you mean...

I've moved my camera from one house to another, and the move required no change to the mydlink.com setup, the camera was still visible at its new location.  It was offline while I was actually moving.

How would you use it on a bus?  It needs an internet connection, and power. I'd guess it would work if you can get power on the bus, and some kind of mobile wifi.  A cell phone with hotspot capability to share your internet connection might work, or if the bus has public wifi access that might work too (so long as the shared wifi has sufficient bandwith to stream video for you along with whatever the other bus passengers are doing).  I don't know if some functions might not work if the bus restricts access to only some ports, like only 80 (the standard http port). Another possible problem is if the mobile wifi is encrypted you'll need a way to get authenticated.  The WPS setup button on the camera might work for that, if you can also enable the wireless access point to accept a new WPS connection.  Otherwise, you have no access to the setup menus from the bus to manually type in an access key (unless perhaps if you also bring a laptop computer on the bus and use a wired ethernet connection between laptop and camera in ad-hoc mode to access the camera setup menus and type the access key, but this would be cumbersome).  Yet another problem is if the public wifi access requires you to enter any agreement or sign-in and tries to present you a sign-in page, the camera has no web interface to allow you to get past this.

Or, if you mean can you view your home camera from the mydlink lite app on a smartphone, that should work from a bus or anywhere you have connectivity.