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Author Topic: DNS-313 Issue  (Read 3421 times)


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DNS-313 Issue
« on: November 19, 2012, 04:15:28 PM »


I recently got bought a DNS-313 as a gift - Searching the forum advised this was the best place to post for this model.

Anyway, no matter what I do, I simply cannot get the Click n Connect to recognise the drive over the network. It simply will not find it.

1. It works perfectly over USB. I have full access and have tried running the Click n Connect with 2 different disks formatted in a variety of flavours - NTFS, exFAT, EXT2, EXT3, Unformatted and with No Partition.
2. My router is reporting a DHCP lease for the device (Identified by MAC address), although I cannot access the web based control panel through my browser on the IP it has assigned.
3. I have been through the Click n Connect wizard every which way - still nothing.

What on earth am I doing wrong? I am following the instructions but they simply aren;t working. ANyone have any ideas?

I am running Windows 7 Pro in VMWare Fusion (No Mac setup utility that I could find), my router is a Draytek Vigor 2800G, and my host Mac is running OSX 10.8.2

Many thanks for your help.

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Re: DNS-313 Issue
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2012, 02:27:37 PM »

OK, we don't have one of these but it should be accessible the same way as the DNS-320.

First of all I assume you can reach the internet from your win7 VM, in which case the network of the VM is working.  If you can't then that is your problem.

Assuming the network is working then download something like NETSCAN and use it to the IP address of your DNS-313.  Once you know the IP open a browser type (or whatever the IP is) and hit enter.  This should get you to the login screen.

After you have logged in (use the defaults given in the manual) you should run the setup wizard which will help you to setup passwords, lan etc.

From a quick look at the manual, it appears to have all the information you need to get your unit up and running once you log in.