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Firmware Version : v2.10NA

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Yeah the US site still says 2.07 is the most current firmware. When I did a check now from the router it found 2.10 so I down loaded it and installed it. So far so good. Hope it stays stable. All the firmwares have a BO in the name even 2.07 and 2.03 still have it. The 2.10 is dated 17 Oct 2012 though.

Let us know how it works out for you. I had been running it and does seem to be working well. I managed to figured out that the MROUTE activity seems to only last for about 10 minutes then stops. Not sure what thats all about. Other then that, router seems pretty stable. Gaming is good.

One benefit I can see from this firmware for me is that it is staying in 40Mhz channel width and maintaining a 300Mbps wireless throughput. Verified by inssider. I am using this as a secondary router with a few G and N devices connected. I am very happy with the wireless connectivity. I am getting download speeds of 35Mbps and up load speeds of 2Mbps. Even though I am paying for 20 down and 2 up. Very happy with this router. Still may RMA it for the center antenna issue.

Good to hear. Lets us know if you RMA it.

2.10 now showing on the US site as a stable firmware. Been running it for about a week now and it runs flawless.


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