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Firmware Version : v2.10NA

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I found this FW update
Firmware Version: 02.10
Firmware Date: 2012-11-1

Release Note

Regards  8)

The B02 indicates that it is a Beta.

Interesting find. Makes me think the 655 isn't EOL yet? I just checked the main web site and the status has changed from Phased Out to Live now.  ??? v2.07 is still latest release.

So I loaded v2.10NA on my B1 today. Seems ok. I'm still getting these mroute: pending queue full, dropping entries constantly in the syslog right after I connected one of my APs, which constantly shows activity on my network. I configured the router before going online with ISP modem. Network activity was active for about 5 minutes then settled. Then I connected the AP and thats when it started. However I got that to stop by connecting my laserjet printer to the USB port and then connecting to it with Shareport on my Mac Book Pro. Now the router seems to be behaving properly. Going to let it run for  while, I'll be gaming tonight and will see how well it does on a wired connection. These messages and network activity seem to happen everytime I reboot the router.  :-\ Now I can't get it too stop. Arggghh  >:(

So I restarted the 655 with out the SB 6180 connected to the WAN port. Router restarted and didn't get any more of the MROUTE messages. I connected the SB 6180 modem and shortly after I connected it and plugged it in, the MROUTE messages started constantly appearing again. Possible something going on between ISP Modem and these past several versions of FW. I did see this on v2.03 a few times however it stopped after a few minutes. Saw this in v2.08 beta and still seeing it. I might test one of my other SB modems and see if this happens again.

Well the 655 loaded with v2.10 seems to be stable. Haven't seen any issues after it finally stabilized from all those MROUTE entries. I'll try a different ISP modem and see if the problem follows. Wireless seems good too. XBL is great. I have not been using Traffic Shaping or QoS since I only have one xbox on my network. I might give TS and QoS try this weekend any see how it does even with one xbox running.


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