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Author Topic: Arris Cable Modems and External Routers  (Read 26447 times)


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Arris Cable Modems and External Routers
« on: September 06, 2012, 02:10:24 PM »

Information for users with Arris ISP cable modems:

1. Arris modems seem to be notorious for not working well with external routers. One reason, some of the Arris modems already have a built in router. These modems can't be bridged like DSL modems. In some cases, and if the Arris modems Web page is accessible by a user, and if the modem has a DMZ option, a user could input the external routers WAN IP address it gets from the Arris modem into the Arris modems DMZ. This will help bypass any Arris modem management and processing and should open up everything to the external router. I have seen some cases that ISPs lock down the Arris modems web page from users. In this case I would contact the ISP and see if they can help with setting up the DMZ for use. Is some cases, changing out the Arris modem for a different mfr modem is preferred, depending upon if the ISP allow customers to bring there own modem or not and if a customer has Voice Phone services thru there ISP which requires the use of Arris modems. If any one of these options can't be resolved for using an Arris modem, then it's recommended that Dlink users either >Turning a router into an AP, or connect a Dlink DAP model AP device in which these models do not have a router however provides WiFi and wired LAN connectivity to devices. These DAP models can be connected to a host based router or Modem/Router combo as seen with Arris modems and will let the ISP modem do all the routing functions rather than trying to get 2 different routers to work gether which will introduce >Double NAT and causes connection problems.
DLink DAP models are some of the following: D-Link DAP 1360, 1513, 1522, 1525, 1533
Other models are available as well.

2. In some cases the Arris modems are stand alone modems with out any built in router. In some cases, most of these modems can be connected to external routers and do work well wiht out any problems. Then some cases we've seen some odd behavior between the Arris modem and external routers that seem to have no resolution. Something thats just not compatible or seems to be an ISP issue. In these cases general connections should work if the Arris modem connects to the external router. Sometimes MAC Cloning can be used on the external router to make the connection work well between the Arris modem and external router. Other troubleshooting may need to be one with the ISP. Checking LAN cabling between ISP modem and external router also helps. >Cat6 is recommended. Shortest length possible is preferred. Sometimes line signal levels from the ISP service box to the customer building needs to be checked. Also using TV line splitters will lower line levels to the ISP Modem thus making the entire system not work well and makes customer think it's the routers fault when the problem lies upstream from the router and with the ISP service, lines and modem.

Over all, if you can avoid using Arris modems as your ISP modem and use something else is preferred. Motorola SB 6 Series modems are very good and work very well with DLink routers. If the Arris modem and external router are connecting and working well for you then you should be good to go. Just be aware of the above mentioned items. Check with the ISP and check here in the forums about getting some information and help. We are here to help you get it working as best as we can, however if we can't, other alternatives will need to be investigated.

Good Luck.
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